2012 Legacy

This page shows the work we did as part of the 2012 Legacy

The work included: Dreamboat, Angel of Peace, Angel of Endurance, Angel of Respect, and Angel of Excellence

Angel of Endurance at Stoke Mandeville

Artists Rhonda Fenwick and Gina Martin worked with children in the National Spinal Injuries Unit to create the Angel of Endurance to be installed in the entrance.


Your world has changed,
your life unsure,
find strength, have courage and endure,
have faith, hope, hold your head up high,
grow new wings and learn to fly.

Carissa Cullen aged 13
(patient in the Spinal Injuries Unit, Stoke Mandeville)

Angel of Endurance

Angel of Endurance: A Short Film made by Rhonda Fenwick at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Participants: Carissa Cullen and Thusha Kamaleswaren

Carissa and Thusha working together on their ideas for the Angel of Endurance

More ideas for the Angel of Endurance from Carissa Cullen and Thusha Kamaleswaren, some of the children in the Spinal Injuries Unit. Taking a cast of Carissa's face and drawings from Thusha together they are creating their images of what the finished piece may look like.

Dreamboat Launch

Since we began the 2012 Visual Arts Project we have collected Community Wishes from people who attended our art exhibitions and events with the aim of including them in the Dreamboat to be launched at the end of the Olympics and Paralympics. Dreamboat would carry the Hopes, Dreams and Wishes of the local community in a symbolic act as part of the Legacy of 2012. Artists Rhonda Fenwick and Gina Martin constructed the Dreamboat out of wicker, the shape and design was inspired by boats from the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Bringing together children from St Peter's C of E School Burnham and Eton Wick C of E School (two of the ten schools we have worked with since 2009) we launched Dreamboat on the lake at Black Park.

Angel of Peace for Burnham Abbey

Created by the Transformers Youth Group working with artists Rhonda Fenwick and Gina Martin

As part of the 2012 Legacy MONA LISA Arts & Media are creating another angel making this the seventh in the series to be installed in Burnham Abbey as part of the Angel Trail.

The youth group have been exploring ideas and concepts of peace using classical and popular music to create their images through drawing and mark making and responding to different emotional states of being such as happiness, sadness, joy, anger and so on.

The images they have created so far are full of energy and clearly demonstrate that the Transformers have great imaginations. We shall be working with the group over the coming weeks and look forward to more expressive and dynamic work from them.