Anne Brown

Beach Debris
Beach Debris
White Ibis

Artist & Sculptor

A selection of sculpture and photography, recording aspects of 50 significant walks undertaken from November 2010 to November 2011.

My artwork in recent years has focused on site specific sculpture and installations linked to significant places and environments from travels around the wild areas in the UK and abroad. I use photography to capture transient work made from a variety of natural and found materials. I also create more lasting sculptural works and installations from both natural and man-made materials in response to my ephemeral pieces.

Anne has over 25 years experience working in schools and educational settings as an Art Teacher, Head of an Arts Faculty and Advanced Skills Teacher. She has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Art and Design and an MA in Art, Craft & Design Education. She is also a qualified leader of outdoor activities and expeditions. Creating artwork has always been a feature alongside her teaching, but her MA in 2002 provided the stimulus to engage through her outdoor experiences in new ways, taking forward new ideas and working with different materials and on a much larger scale.

For the last 8 years Anne has been working as an arts & education consultant, championing the value of creative learning for Slough s Education Services and also with Creative Junction, a Community Interest Company in the Thames Valley. Anne currently works freelance as an artist-teacher and also as an associate with Creative Junction. She runs a variety of school and community projects, including art and philosophy workshops for both students and staff in schools. Anne participates annually in the Artists Open House as part of the Windsor Fringe Festival and also in a number of joint exhibitions in the Thames Valley area.

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