Inge Du Plessis

Family Portrait (commission 2011)
Self Portrait
Song of Hearth 2010
Song of Songs 2010
The Offering
The Backseat Driver

Fine Artist

About Inge: I was born in Cape Town, South Africa on new year's eve 1968. Painting and drawing have always been my passion, since my earliest scribbles. I studied fine art after school, but, disillusioned from my studies, I didn't paint again until I turned 30, when I started painting full time. I took a break from painting when my son was born in 2005 until 2010 when he started school and am now happily painting every day. My paintings are stories about people - little film stills, some momentous, some capturing the instant before something happens. Sometimes I paint people as characters, set in a scene. I don't think of my own work as portraiture, as the 'plot' behind the subject is generally of far greater importance to me than an accurate representation or even an attempt to capture of the sitter.

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