Magna Carta Arts Project

In Manorcroft School, Egham, Surrey

MONA LISA Arts & Media working in partnership with Egham Museum Surrey have been facilitating workshops in Manorcroft School in June and July 2013. This is a pilot project focussing on the signing of the Magna Carta and the 800 years anniversary of this pivotal event in British history and the forthcoming celebrations to be held at Runnymede in 2015.

The children from Manorcroft School worked alongside artists Rhonda Fenwick and Gina Martin, creating their own shields, charters and chess pieces inspired by what they learned about King John and the Barons, seal of the Magna Carta, the feudal system, children's lives and games they took part in when they had free time away from their hard labour in 1215

Comments from Dr Matthew Smith Curator Egham Museum Surrey:

As Mona Lisa Arts & Media's pilot Magna Carta project reaches its conclusion I wanted to write to thank you for offering our local primary school this fantastic opportunity to engage with the history and meaning of Magna Carta and wish you every success in developing this project further.

Egham Museum is delighted to be a partner of Mona Lisa Arts & Media on its Magna Carta project. Art workshops, like those led by the artists Rhonda Fenwick and Gina Martin, engaged by MONA LISA Arts & Media, are a fantastic way of engaging younger children with the history and meaning of Magna Carta. Art provides an accessible and dynamic way of exploring this history and the concepts with which Magna Carta is associated and, for our part, seeing how children are imagining Magna Carta today is integral to capturing and preserving the public history of Magna Carta as we approach its 800th anniversary. We are happy to showcase and promote this project via our social media pages and feeds, on our website and, in 2015, as part of our exhibition.

The museum's Facebook page can be found here.

Comments from Hannah Proudfoot Year 6 Teacher Manorcroft School Egham:

The children have thoroughly enjoyed working with the artists engaged by MONA LISA Arts 7 Media and the range of exciting activities based on The Magna Carta. They have had opportunities to use a range of materials including mod rock, wire, wood and textiles, giving them a rich and meaningful art experience in context of The Magna Carta. As well as creating this artwork, the children have developed a further appreciated for the values embedded within The Magna Carta.

The sessions allowed the children to extend their skills and be able to relate what they have learned to their artwork. The inspiration gained from learning more about The Magna Carta, is shown in their creative and unique designs. It has been beneficial and exciting for this diverse group of children.