The Peace Project

Blessed are the Peacemakers

The Peace Project was facilitated by artist Rhonda Fenwick working with youth and community groups of mixed abilities and ages in Burnham, South Bucks. The groups created banners and artworks concerning peace, which formed the basis of exhibitions in the local community as part of the WWW1 commemorations. MONA LISA Arts & Media are working in collaboration with St Peter's Church Burnham and the RAF Burnham Division.

Cornerstone Group - Liz, Pat, Doreen, Monica, Angela, Rose, Gill, Jo, Anne

Working together creating a large banner about the Suffragettes for the Peace Project as part of the art exhibition for the WW1 commemorations in August 2014.

Friendly Bombs (adults with special needs) working with Jane Myers in Cornerstone. The group made a banner for the Peace Project and other artworks which was included in the Blessed Are the Peacemakers Exhibition held in St Peter's Church Burnham.

Exhibition and events Information

Blessed Are The Peacemakers exhibition 2nd - 16th August 2014 in St Peter's Church included banners and artworks created by the following groups; Cornerstone Group, Girls Brigade, Transformers Youth Group and Friendly Bombs. The exhibition also included artworks created by professional artists as follows; Rhonda Fenwick, Gina Martin, Claire Rollinson and Mary Cook and floral displays designed and installed by St Peter's Flower Arrangers Team. Afternoon teas were served in Cornerstone for the duration of the exhibition and an evening concert was held in St Peter's Church.

Exhibition of Works: St Peter's Church Burnham 2nd - 19th August 2014 & St Mary's Church Slough 1st - 10th September 2014

MONA LISA Arts & Media established The Peace Project, Blessed Are The Peacemakers, in September 2013 as part of the WW1 commemorations in August 2014. Drawing inspiration from the Beatitudes, Blessed Are The Peacemakers, we decided on the theme of peace. The First World War was meant to be the war to end all wars, with the ultimate aim being peace. The works created by artists, youth and community groups looks at the effects of war, War Horse, the Suffragettes and the role of women, life in Burnham 100 years ago, ideas about Peace and what that means?

We facilitated art and banner making workshops in Cornerstone, which included people from Churches Together and youth and community groups in Burnham. We are delighted to have a selection of visual art from local, national and international artists included in the exhibitions.


Rhonda Fenwick (lead artist), Caroline Coode, Mary Cook Cosh, Andy Holt, Gina Martin, Claire Rollinson. See the Artist Archive page to find out more about the artists.

The Blessed Are The Peacemakers art exhibition was officially opened by the Countess of Buckinghamshire with Rod Cosh Area Dean for the Burnham and Slough Deanery and Bill Jackson Vicar of St Peter's Church. The exhibition included works by artists, youth and community groups with contributions from individuals of WW1 memorabilia. There was also an installation of knitted blankets made by members and friends of St Peter's Church Burnham. The afternoon was very well attended by people from Burnham and beyond, who were able to view the exhibition and finish it off with a lovely cream tea served in Cornerstone.

The works in the exhibition included banners made by the Cornerstone Banner Group, War Horse a willow sculpture made by artists Gina Martin and Rhonda Fenwick working with the Cornerstone Youth Arts Group, Cardboard Cut-outs created by St Peter's Young Church Group, Blankets for Syria made by various people from the local community, Window installation by Friendly Bombs Theatre Group, floral decorations by St Peter's Flower Team.

The Blankets for Syria were donated to the Hand in Hand for Syrian refugees appeal.