Taplow Court

Angel of Unity, Andy Holt
Gina Martin's work at Taplow Court
Lynda Cornwell's work at Taplow Court
Rhonda Fenwick's work at Taplow Court

An exhibition of work by Rhonda Fenwick, Gina Martin, Lynda Cornwell, Andy Holt & Children from Local Schools

Windows Walls & Wishes and the Olympic Angels 2012 Visual Arts Project
At SGI-UK Taplow Court as part of the Lord Desborough Sporting Legacy celebrations
9th May - 16th September

The Olympic Angels Visual Arts Project working with schools, youth groups and churches facilitated by MONA LISA Arts & Media. Each group includes 10 to 15 participants aged between 9 and 15 years. This project is inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Values:- Peace, Unity, Respect, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Aspiration, Inspiration, Endurance, Excellence.

The groups are working with Rhonda Fenwick, Gina Martin and Lynda Cornwell to help participants generate ideas and concepts about angels which then will be created as angel sculptures and installations. The finished works will be installed in various locations in Burnham, Taplow and Dorney e.g., Angel of Unity Taplow Court, Angel of Determination Burnham Beeches, Angel of Aspiration Cliveden, Angel of Respect St Mary Magdalene Church Bovney, Angel of Friendship St Peter's School Burnham, Angel of Inspiration St Peter's Church Burnham and Angel of Courage St Nicolas's School Taplow. These will form an arts trail around the area which is part of the Legacy of the 2012 Games.

To have this opportunity of working with MONA LISA Arts & Media and the artists involved in the Olympic Angels Project, Rhonda Fenwick, Gina Martin and Lynda Cornwell, provides deep inspiration for the students. It is what art education and teaching is all about as it helps to develop creative thinking, broaden horizons and is a real eye-opener into the world of art. Working with the artists has enabled students to generate ideas, images and forms inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic values; this has been an enriching experience for them ...

Andy Holt, Head of Art, Burnham Grammar School

There is " The Angel of the North" and soon we will have "The Angels of Burnham". Very much looking forward to seeing the final result!

Igan Haya, Burnham Resident

The children have been so focused during the Angels project, they have explored, created and worked using a range of materials. They have gained new knowledge in different types of art and artists which has created a new enthusiasm for art that has spread beyond the group lucky enough to participate this project ...

Nicola Green, Yr 5 Teacher, St Nicolas s C of E School, Taplow