What Has This Tree Seen?

The project is working with the Transformers Youth Arts Group, Girls Brigade (1st Burnham Branch) and children from St Peter’s C of E School in Burnham, enabling them to learn about and raise awareness of the local environment in St Peter’s churchyard, which has a 1500 year old yew tree growing in it.

The groups will focus on the life and history of this particular tree, as well as other trees in the churchyard. They will learn about the importance of trees regarding climate change, the animals that live in them, water filtration, and how they play a vital role in the health of the planet.

The groups will gain knowledge and understanding of how important trees are to human well-being: without them our lives would not be so enriched.

The project will have a special focus on the 1500 year old yew tree in St Peter’s churchyard. Asking the question “What Has This Tree Seen” regarding the life, history and changes in the environment and community in Burnham, and the animals that live in the tree. Through art they will explore and develop artworks using a variety of mediums such as drawing, 3D, photography, painting, collage and printmaking.

This work will form the basis of an art exhibition in St Peter’s church and be open to the general public.